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Inverurie Flower Club

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Inverurie Flower Club


Meeting day: 1st or 2nd Thursday at 7pm

Venue: West Church Hall

Address: Off West High Street,
AB51 3SA

Subscription: £35 per year. Number of meetings per year : 8

Chairman: Alison Barrack Secretary: Margaret Farquharson

Our aim is to stimulate and encourage interest in the art of flower arranging and promote “friendship through flowers”.

We are a happy and vibrant club and would welcome new members.

If you think you might be interested in joining us please come along (the programme is set out below).

We have a sales table for members to purchase flower accessories at bargain prices.

 If you would like more information please fill in the form below or contact Shelagh Melvin (Email or phone 07871821294


New members and visitors are welcome at a cost of £5 per meeting.




Further details of these events can be obtained at club meetings or by completing the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the regular monthly meeting, members will have the opportunity to participate in or attend several other club and linked functions.


March was our AGM and the business was quickly dealt with so that Hetty Redwood could demonstrate for us.  Hetty’s demo was fun and we were transported to different places depicted in flowers, along with a really humorous dialogue.  We started with metaphorical “bubbly” (pictured above in 2 large champagne glasses).   Hetty’s flowers were beautiful and we got some good ideas from her.
At the end of the meeting the Moira Keith cup was presented to Alison Barrack and Linda Burns, who shared top score in the our competitions over the year and the silver salver was presented to Shelagh Melvin – well done all those who took part in the competitions.  We have had some stunning work displayed over the year.

In December members of the group gave us a cornucopia of ideas for Christmas arrangements.  Christmas Carols was the theme and we sang along to the demonstrators at work.  A really fun evening was had by all

In November we were joined by Kathleen Gibson whose theme was “Round the World”.  We were taken on a trip around the world which was as good as a holiday.  A lovely demonstration by Kathleen.”



In September Kate Kerr visited us and her theme was Au Natural.  She treated us to a wonderful demo with some beautiful home-made containers, which were much admired.  Kate as usual treated us to an entertaining evening with many anecdotes and much laughter.

In May we were delighted to welcome Elizabeth Paterson to demonstrate for us.  She managed to find some fantastic items in her attic to bring back into use and gave us wonderful of ideas of what we could do to recycle and re-use.  Her ideas and flowers were both fresh and interesting. 
Pictured with Elizabeth is Alison Kinghorn a committee member

The Club came back together on 12 March 2015 after our winter break. 

The AGM was held quickly so that we could get on with the proper business of the day, which was a demo by Ann Pike entitled “On This Day”. We were taken back in history with notable events which happened on the 12 March in different eras. The chat was educational and the flower arrangements were all contemporary and different.
A most enjoyable evening.


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