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SAFAS Conference 2012 at Peebles 3-6th September 2012

Hall Entrance , Pedestal by Linda Souter

2012-09-04 'Is That It' Vanessa Wenlock

2012-09-04 Evening Entertainment, Southside Singers Peebles

2012-09-05 'A Touch of Romance', Lorena Dyer

2012-09-05 'The Magic of The Musicals' Nigel Whyles

Top Table Gala Dinner, Linda Souter SAFAS Chairman; Annie Adams SAFAS Past Chairman; Lorena Dyer, Demonstrator; Pat Wilson SAFAS 2nd Vice Chairman; Evelyn Young SAFAS Past Chairman; Mr Young; Nigel Whylie, Demonstrator; Lynne Smith, Conference Secretary; Christine McKenna, Inhouse Co-ordinator; Margaret Scott, SAFAS 1st Vice Chairman and Conference Chairman.

2012-09-06 'Two of a Kind' Alyson Christie

2012-09-06 Alyson Christie

2012-09-06 Mary Law Closing Speeches

Conference Committee; Christine McKenna In House Coordinator; Pat Wilson Conference Treasurer; Pat Denahay Raffles; Lynne Smith Conference secretary; Margaret Scott Conference Chairman & SAFAS 1st Vice Chairman.

Conference Committee; Nuala Hancock Puzzles & Quizzes; Linda Souter SAFAS Chairman; Jackie Boyd Open Day Coordinator

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