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Cunninghame Autumn 2020 Competition

2020 Financial Statements & Trustees Report

    The Course has 5 units and will be conducted on Zoom over a 6 month period

           *The Learners
           *Classroom Management
           *Assessment & Evaluation
           *Personal Development Journal
           *Reflective Practice

For more information please contact Irene Manson 0118 947 0737 or email:


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Class 1 “Sweet Delight” A Petite Exhibit

Class 2 “Lazy Hazy Days of Summer”

Class 3 “Time For Texture” Tapestry/Pave Exhibit

Class 4 “Pzazz” An Exhibit not using foam

Class 5 “Fever Pitch”

Class 6 “Rainbow” Junior Class Collage


NAFAS – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Following the announcement after the Cobra meeting held on Thursday March 12th, we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 guidelines set by the Government, the World Health Organisation and the UK NHS.
The health and safety of our members, staff and visitors is our priority.
Although there has been no directive to cancel events or meetings, the Board of Directors are conscious of the age demographic of NAFAS Members and have agreed the following recommendations to Clubs, Areas and Members:
 • Cancel all meetings planned in April 2020.
* Give careful consideration to all meetings planned between now and the end of March
• Do not arrange any future meetings or events until further notice.
Please note, these are recommendations only, and all decisions made are the responsibility of the Club or Area. There may be local considerations to be aware of, for example, a member of a club may contract the virus. Please contact Head Office should you have any concerns or for full information and guidelines about Coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit the NHS website –
It is the responsibility of the Club and Area Chairman to fulfill their contractual obligations to a Demonstrator if a meeting is cancelled at short notice, especially if flowers have already been purchased. Please honour your responsibilities.
As from Monday 16th March 2020, NAFAS Head Office will be operating on a restricted staffing structure which will see only two members of staff in at any one time, with others adopting a working from home policy. This will reduce the risk of infection and prepare us for a total lockdown of Head Office, should the need arise. You will still be able to communicate with Head Office in the normal way, phone and email.
If there are any changes to the current recommendations from the Government or the World Health Organisation, we will review and react to their instructions promptly.
 13th March 2020
Addendum: 16th March 2020
“When a demonstration is cancelled at short notice, it is hoped that clubs will reimburse in good faith the demonstrator for money already expended on flowers etc. as per the contractual obligations of the Blue Form.
NAFAS asks that Clubs and Demonstrators communicate over any cancellation, and come to an agreement over any payment. We would hope that only out of pocket expenses would be claimed. Perhaps Clubs could put the cancelled presenter to the top of the list when they do the next Club programme. Those who are self-employed will find it hard, but we must balance that against health, sense and making the most of the difficult times we are experiencing.”

The Scottish Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (SAFAS) is one of twenty one Areas of the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS). There are currently 79 affiliated Clubs in SAFAS, which includes 4 Contemporary Design Groups, from the Borders to the Orkney Islands, with a total membership of 4958 which includes Junior and Island Club members. We have 2 Junior Clubs and 4 Island Clubs.

SAFAS, the third Area of NAFAS was formed in 1956 by a nucleus of 5 enthusiastic Clubs - Border, Edinburgh, Hawick, Glasgow and Peebles. Built on the solid foundation laid down by Past Area Chairmen and Executive Committees, we continue to this date to actively encourage and support floral art and design.

Part of our objectives are:

Advance Education in all facets of flower arranging.

Encourage the love of flowers and plants to demonstrate their decorative and creative values.

Support worthy causes and charities by organising exhibitions and competitions.

Encourage the conservation of rare and endangered species of flowers and plants.

Members can develop their skills and keep up to date with new trends by attending classes run within clubs or organized on a larger scale by the Area at workshops, tutored by experienced teachers and flower arrangers.

Most clubs meet once a month to enjoy demonstrations or talks by qualified Area or National Demonstrators or Speakers. No two clubs are the same and the syllabus is as varied as can be to suit the needs of the Club members. Entering in Club competition nights, local shows or festivals and exhibitions is always good experience and where the phrase Fun, Friendship and Flowers comes into its own.

There is a club near you and if you wish further information contact us to find out more

The SAFAS Area Insurance provided by Barfield does not cover individual Clubs.

 Each Club should have its own Insurance for Public Liability, which covers Club Members and Visitors at Club Meetings; additional Insurance should be taken for Open nights and Special Events which would cover members of the public and also the cancellation of Demonstrators. Costs for this additional insurance will vary depending on the requirements and how many people will be attending the event - contact Jenny Foster at Barfield for advice and a quote.

The SAFAS Executive and Members are covered by the SAFAS Insurance at SAFAS Meetings.


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