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Dundee Floral Art Club

Floral Art

Dundee Floral Art Club was formed in 1957 in the Royal Hotel, Dundee. A large number of interested ladies attended, and it was agreed that the meetings would be held on the third Wednesday of each month. Because so many wanted to join, there would be two meetings each day, at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. Mrs Edna Walker was elected the first President. This year, the Club celebrated it’s 62nd anniversary with a dinner in the Invercarse Hotel, Dundee. The demonstrator for the evening was Mrs Julia Lowden from Earlston.

Committee ready to welcome members to the anniversary dinner.

Top table flowers

One of the table arrangements.

Gala in the Garden 2019
This event takes place in July every two years at the Barnhill Rock Garden, near Dundee. 
This is a community gathering where local clubs and societies are able to promote their association.  Dundee Floral Art Club arranges flowers in baskets to sell to the public.  The money raised is for Club funds. 

Meeting day: Third Wednesday at 2pm

Venue: Queens Hotel

Address: Nethergate, Dundee, DD1 4DU

Subscription: £40 per year. Number of meetings per year : 9

Chairman: Mrs Christine McKenna Secretary:
Mrs Pat McCarry

About our meetings


The club meetings are held at 2pm in:

Queen’s Hotel,





Club subscription is £40 for 9 meetings and £6 per visit for visitors.


Dundee Floral Art Club welcomes all members and visitors and upholds the flower arrangers’ motto,

 “Fun and Friendship through Flowers”.
The Club organises a flower rota for the local hospice and organises the

floral art section for the Dundee Flower and Food Festival in September each year.


Syllabus 2019-20




Title of Demonstration

Wed 18 September 2019

Derek Morgan


“Fierce Creatures”

Wed 23 October 2019

Elizabeth Forster


“Magical Journeys”

Wed 13 November 2019

Christine Ogle


“Oh no, It’s Christmas!”

Wed 18 December 2019

John Dalton


“Glad Tidings”

Wed 15 January 2020

*****    The Great Dundee Flower Arrange  *****

Wed 19 February 2020

Ada Paul


“In the Mood, with Wood”

Wed 18 March 2020

To Be confirmed

Wed 15 April 2020

Linda Fraser


“Rainbow Connections”

Thursday 14 May 2020

 ***** Afternoon Tea and demonstration by The Secateur Sisters *****

Wed 17 June 2020

Annual General Meeting followed by a presentation by Karen Buckley, Brechin, “Delightful Dahlias”

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