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Auchincruive Floral Art Club

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Auchincruive Floral Art Club


Meeting day: Mondays (fortnightly) at 7.15pm

Venue: Kyle Academy

Address: Overmills Road

Subscription: £40 per year Number of meetings per year : September 2019 to March 2020

Chairperson: Sheila McDougall Secretary: Hilda Cameron

Our Club motto is ‘Friendship through Flowers’.

We celebrated our 40th Anniversary in June 2016 and continue to be a very happy club with a friendly, relaxed manner.

Auchincruive Floral Art Club is a hands-on club where a tutor comes to each meeting to demonstrate flower arranging

Members are given a list of flowers and accessories to bring along and the tutor completes two designs - one for beginners and one for more advanced arrangers

Members then complete their own arrangement with help and advice from the tutor

At the end of the evening we all go home with our “creations/masterpieces”

We are a small, friendly club and new members are made most welcome. Visitors may join us for an evening for £4 to experience for themselves, the fun from flowers

On 3rd May 2019, members of the Auchincruive Floral Art Club, Ayr participated in the Lonely Bouquet - Take me Home/Friendship Bouquet event.  

A display of flowers was created in the window of the PDSA Charity Shop in Ayr - advertising the event and taking the opportunity to promote the club .

(PDSA is the UK's leading vet charity, providing free and low-cost treatment to pets in need".

All flowers were donated by members and we received some lovely feedback:

Photo - Park Bench

"This bouquet certainly brought a huge smile to my face and it was such a lovely act of kindness, my husband found it sitting on a bench in Dam Park this morning while walking the dogs. I am now going to do something similar to bring a smile to someone else's face as it was such a great thing to do."

Photo - PDSA Shop Window
"I just wanted to share this amazing arrangement created in the window of PDSA Ayr in Alloway Street by Auchincruive Floral Art Club to celebrate national flower arranging day. We think its amazing." 

Rozelle Park, Ayr
"What a lovely idea, I’m certain there were lots of mums and grans delighted with your beautiful arrangements to brighten up their day" 

Photo - Bus Stop
This bouquet was handed into a nearby shop - the person thought it had been stolen!   Was absolutely delighted to receive the gift of the flowers.


Closing Display Evening 
The last club meeting of the 2018-2019 session was held on 18th March.
The titles were all songs with a colour name in them.   It obviously captured the members imaginations - we had a super turnout with many entries both from novice and more experienced members

Raspberry Beret


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Purple Rain (image 10)


Little Green Apples


Rhapsody in Blue


Red, Red Wine

Our retiring Chairperson, Catriona Gourlay is pictured with Bernard Smith, the General Manager of Whiteleys.   Catriona handed over a cheque on behalf of Auchincruive Floral Art Club for £750 to this very worthwhile cause.
Whiteleys Retreat is located just outside Ayr and provides therapeutic short breaks for children, young people and their families with cancer and life altering illnesses in the UK.



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